An overview of recent major projects as well as projects of particular interest implemented with our assistance.

Names of clients and organization are not disclosed as we honor confidentiality and act in compliance with Non-Disclosure Agreement for commercially confidential information.

A major construction and multiplex maintenance company

Corporate audit, liquidation of structures of a big holding company, legal subscription services, analysis and coordination of agreements with contracting parties along all lines of organization's activity, representation of company's interests before the tax authorities.

A company developing mobile phone games

Legal subscription services, drafting and coordinating agreements with foreign and Russian contracting parties in the area of content provision, intellectual property rights, etc, developing approach to VAT procedures for imported intellectual property, personnel audit.

A manufacturer of training equipment

Legal support for privatization of a state-owned enterprise and its reorganization into a joint-stock company, legal support for other corporate projects.

Company exporting jewelry

Enforcing export VAT refund in the absence of a full package of documents, stipulated in Article 165 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (an air ticket was provided as a shipping document in lieu of a copy of an international air bill of lading). The court annulled the ruling of the tax authorities to deny VAT refund, abandoning the formalist approach and checking arguments for validity of 0% rate of VAT and VAT refund.

An agricultural producer

Reconstructing the Register of Shareholders over a long period of time

A major international construction materials producer

Establishing a network of separate subdivisions and subsidiaries in the Russian Federation, corporate audit.

Belarus exporting and importing company (domestic appliances, etc.)

Accountancy package and subscription services, tax consulting, forecasting and managing the client's relations with tax authorities, corporate audit.

A major construction company

Representing the client's interests with respect to substandard construction work, judicial and non-judicial dispute settlement

A real property company

Tax planning of the real property disposal transaction, tax mitigation, legal support for the registration of the transaction.

A mutual investment fund

Obtaining a license for the asset management company and registering Trust Deed, auditing.

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