Personal accreditation of foreign nationals confirms their official status as employees of a branch/representative office.

Personal accreditation is obligatory for all foreign nationals working in a branch/representative office and, if necessary, for their family members. Russian citizens shall be accredited only when appointed as the head of a representative office.

Personal accreditation is provided to the approved number of employees. As a rule, the approved headcount does not exceed 5 employees and can be increased for good cause only.

The term of personal accreditation is limited by the term of the branch/representative office accreditation. Extension of personal accreditation and reissue of a personal accreditation card is carried out only upon renewal of the branch/representative office accreditation.

Upon expiry of personal accreditation, a personal accreditation card is subject to return to the Chamber.

Personal accreditation is issued within 10 business days starting form the day a full set of documents is submitted.

List of documents required for personal accreditation of a branch employee

  1. A written application (standard form) for personal accreditation (on a branch letterhead signed by the head of the branch and sealed with the seal).
  2. A copy of the Accreditation Certificate of a branch.
  3. Curriculum vitae (submitted in printed form, filled out in Russian and signed by either the employee or the head if the branch).
  4. A passport copy (pages with the photo and name of the holder).
  5. 2 color photos (mat-surface paper, sized 3×4 cm).
  6. A certified copy of the general power of attorney with all the necessary powers for the head of a branch/representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation.
  7. A certified Power of Attorney to a person authorized to carry out in the Chamber procedures for accreditation of an employee of a branch/representative office and its copy.

Accreditation of the head/employees of a representative office/branch

RUR 5, 000 (not subject to state or other duties) for accreditation of each employee

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