The term of accreditation of a branch/representative office is indicated in the permit for its establishment. The term of permit can be extended if required. A foreign legal entity shall apply to the Chamber for renewal of accreditation at least 21 business days before its expiration date. If a foreign legal entity does not apply for the renewal of accreditation, upon its expiry a representative office/branch shall be deemed to have terminated its activities. To resume work of a branch/ representative office, a foreign legal entity shall abide by the procedure set forth for obtaining a permit for the establishment of a branch/representative office.

After the renewal of accreditation, the existing permit for the establishment of a branch/representative office and a Certificate of inclusion in the Uniform State Register are subject to reissue. Accredited employees of a branch/representative office shall apply for renewal of their personal accreditation and have their personal accreditation cards reissued.

List of documents required for extension of accreditation

  • An application to extend the accreditation term of a branch/ representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation (shall be on a letterhead of a foreign legal entity signed by its head or on a letterhead of a representative office signed by the head of the representative office, shall be sealed with the company seal and shall indicate the number of permit for the establishment of a representative office, the date f its issue and expiry as well as the purpose and the planned term of accreditation extension);
  • A report of a branch/representative office of a foreign legal entity on its activities over the accreditation period (drawn up in the established form and signed by the head of a representative office);
  • The original of the permit for the establishment of a representative office;
  • The original of the Certificate of inclusion in the Uniform State Register;
  • An application for the extension of accreditation term of a representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation;
  • An extract from the Trade Register or any other document issued by the registering authority of the country of origin of a foreign legal entity, which particularly specifies its location, officials and their authorities;
  • A certified copy of a document confirming registration of the foreign legal entity with the tax authorities of the Russian Federation and assignment of the Taxpayer Identification Number;
  • A letter of recommendation from the bank servicing the foreign legal entity in the country of registration confirming its solvency (the document is valid for 6 months since the date of issue);
  • Letters of servicing Russian banks confirming opening an account by a foreign legal entity and its representative office;
  • A certified copy of the General Power of Attorney with all the necessary powers for the head of a representative office of a foreign legal entity in Russia;
  • A certified Power of Attorney to a person authorized to carry out procedures for extending accreditation in the Chamber;
  • Two copies of a completed data sheet of a representative office of a foreign legal entity signed by the authorized person of the representative office and sealed with a company seal;
  • A document certifying the address of a branch/representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation (a lease agreement enclosed with a certified copy of ownership certificate).

Extension of accreditation of a branch/representative office of a foreign company

RUR 30,000 (plus state and other duties)

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